Scopri i nostri 20 anni d'esperienza - Frullani Group Luxury Gardens
Scopri la nostra esperienza nella progettazione, realizzazione e ristrutturazione di giardini e piscine di lusso
storia frullani, storia giardini, storia piscine, progettazione piscine e giardini
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Frullani Group has twenty years experience in the design, construction and renovation of luxury gardens for high-profile clients.

A garden designed in every single detail, both as regards the vegetable components and the architectural ones, is like a high fashion dress: UNIQUE. Frullani Group aims to tailor the customer’s ideal garden, characterized by a balanced combination of luxury, comfort and originality. This is possible thanks to a number of consolidated partnerships, constituted by the best Italian brands: Piscine Castiglione, Fabarpool, Corradi, Fast, Ravaioli Legnami e Cotto d’Este.

The most exclusive business service, optimised over the years, aims to  the construction or renovation of luxury gardens, with all inclusive formula. To refer to a single professional figure is the only form of safeguard to obtain the ideal garden, respecting, at the same time, the timing and the costs previously agreed.